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Courts in Texas follow statutory guidelines when determining the level of child support. The process involves much more than merely plugging numbers into a formula. It is important to identify and account for all relevant expenses, including the cost of medical care or health insurance and educational expenses.

At the Law Offices of Al Malone, we believe that a parent entitled to receive child support should receive all of that support. We also believe that a child support payer should not have to pay more than the law requires. We work hard for every client, and we will represent you with skill and resolution in order to achieve your goals.

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Dallas & Tarrant County Child Support Attorney

We can advise and represent you in matters involving:

Determination of the child support level — We will account for all relevant expenses and deductions, including the incomes of the parents, number of overnights and health care expenses.

Modifications in child support — Every three years or when a significant change in circumstances occurs, we can go to court seeking a modification in your child support order.

Child support enforcement — We can advise you concerning collection of past due child support. If you owe past due support and are charged with or threatened with a contempt order, we can defend you.

Paternity and child support — If you are a mother, we can seek to obtain an order requiring the father to pay support. We also represent men in these cases.

Complex child support matters — These include cases involving self-employed parents, those who have hidden income and those who live out of state.

Most child support matters are fairly routine, and we can often achieve results cost-effectively, for a reasonable flat fee. However, it is in your interests to have an experienced and knowledgeable team of lawyers on your side, particularly if you have a complex or non-routine child support problem. The Law Offices of Al Malone will represent you with vigor and determination.

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