Modifications in Support

Fort Worth Child Support Modification Lawyer

Custody and Parenting Time

A family law order will stay in place until the court issues a modification in the order, usually upon the petition of one of the parties. Some modifications are routine and easily obtained. Others can be contentious, requiring significant time and effort to achieve.

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Modifying a Child Support Order

Once every three years, or when a significant change in circumstances occurs, such as an increase in salary or the loss of a job, you can seek to modify a child support order.

Law Offices of Al Malone represents parents seeking modifications in child support orders. Our work includes both “routine” modifications and those involving more complex issues such as when a parent is seeking to hide income for the purpose of minimizing the child support he or she must pay. A change in a child’s health care needs can also merit a modification in child support. A Fort Worth child support modification attorney at our firm can advise you of your options.

Changes in Custody and Visitation Orders

We represent parents seeking modifications of child custody and parenting plans, and those wishing to retain current arrangements.

If you have joint custody or visitation rights (referred to in Texas as conservatorship), the other parent cannot relocate out across state or out of state without the approval of the court. The Law Offices of Al Malone provides proactive representation in child relocation cases. We will vigorously assert your rights.

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