Child Support and Custody

Fatherhood brings responsibilities. The state of Texas expects a father to contribute to the support of his children, barring extraordinary circumstances. That obligation will continue until the children reach adulthood, and sometimes beyond. A father may or may not have custody or visitation rights, even if he is required to pay child support.

At Law Offices of Al Malone we represent fathers and mothers in matters involving child support, custody and visitation. In many cases, we can achieve our clients’ goals efficiently and cost-effectively, though some contested matters can require significant legal efforts.

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Representing Mothers

Law Offices of Al Malone represents mothers who wish to obtain the child support they are entitled to under the law. We also represent mothers with custody rights who wish to retain sole custody of their children.

Representing Fathers

Our firm represents unmarried fathers in child support, custody and parenting plan matters:

  • If you wish to contest paternity or if you believe you are paying too much child support, we can advise you of your rights and options.
  • If you wish to obtain custody or parenting time, we will vigorously represent you.

Until recently, a man legally recognized to be the father of a child had no way to contest paternity, even if he later learned that he was not the father. With the passage of Texas law SB 785, a man can reverse paternity and stop paying child support. A lawyer at our firm can review your situation and explain your options.

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