Mortgage Loan Modification

It May Not Be Too Late

The housing crisis has taken a significant toll on the financial health of homeowners throughout the country.  Many homeowners after the bursting of the housing bubble now have little to no equity in their homes.  What’s more is that the days of a quick and easy refinance are gone.  However with a loan modification you may be able to modify your monthly payments to be more inline with your new economic reality.

Loan modifications can be an option whether your current, late, or in default.  Loan modifications are even a possible option with a foreclosure looming.

The Benefits of Using a Law Firm For Loan Modification

At Law Offices of Al Malone, we help people get relief through Mortgage Loan Modifications.  We understand the requirements to get a loan modification application approved and we are able to guide our clients smoothly through a process that can be arduous without help.

For a free initial case evaluation with a lawyer, contact Law Offices of Al Malone.  We serve the entire DFW Metroplex on loan modifications.

Only an attorney can represent your legal interest on your behalf to your lender.  Additionally as attorneys we are held to a much higher standard than non-attorney modification companies.  In all legal matters an individual will benefit from having an experienced attorney represent them, and your home and mortgage deserve the legal knowledge that only an attorney can provide.

Contact a Dallas/Fort Worth Loan Modification Attorney

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If you do not qualify for a loan modification you may still be able to obtain debt relief and stay in your home via Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We can also advise you of all your debt reduction and financial reorganization options.