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Law Offices of Al Malone is a Bedford law firm dedicated to helping people resolve Debt problems and Bedford bankruptcy. Focusing on bankruptcy, tax, and debt negotiation we provide aggressive representation and superior client service. If your debt load has spiraled out of control, talking to an experienced attorney about bankruptcy can produce the action plan that turns things around. At The Law Offices of Al Malone, we have been helping people in
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We know your personal worries may be overwhelming and your financial pressures equally serious. That is why we operate our law firm the way we do. Our lawyers offer: Free, highly informative consultations on matters of divorce, post-divorce modifications, debt relief through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Straight talk and legal guidance you can depend upon, delivered in a no-nonsense style that is also compassionate and results-focused. The benefit of our experience gained in more than 15,000 bankruptcy filings Flexibility to meet with you in the evening or on a weekend if needed, plus constant availability to the clients who place their trust in us Recognition that timing and cost as well as the outcome matter to you, backed by willingness to extend manageable payment plans. We can also help with questions about Texas Bankruptcy Laws.

Bankruptcy-Related Concerns In Bedford, Or The Surrounding DFW Area?

With conveniently located offices, and our willingness to meet you in surrounding communities, Bedford bankruptcy lawyers make it easy to get the legal help you need. We take the intimidation out of the process in every way we can. For your free consultation, call 817-953-3112 or use our contact form 24 hrs a day. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Facing personal bankruptcy?

Major life events like a job loss, divorce, or illness can wreak havoc on your personal finances. From late charges and interest rates to bill collectors calling you every day, and foreclosures, suddenly it seems your world has been turned upside down. I also know how difficult it can be to meet the economic demands of daily life. If you are considering a Bedford bankruptcy, know that there is relief, and there are options. You just need an experienced bankruptcy specialist at your side.

Bedford Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Regain solvency by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy people file for today, despite a law that Congress passed in 2005 stiffening eligibility requirements. If you have overwhelming debt, Chapter 7 may be the fastest way of regaining solvency.
Bedford Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can help determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7. The Law Office of Al Malone Law, P.A. has extensive experience working with clients who have financial issues and helping them file for bankruptcy.

Bedford Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers both individuals and small sole proprietorship a legal option for eliminating debt and obtaining a fresh start with their finances. A different type of bankruptcy from Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as the bankruptcy plan for wage earners. It allows debtors with regular income to adjust their debts, keep their property, and repay their creditors for their debt over a time period usually ranging from three to five years. If you need a
Bedford Bankruptcy Lawyer
, you need Al Malone on your side!

Bedford Banruptcy Lawyer Texas

Stop Bedford wage garnishment

Wage garnishment involves the deduction of money from the wages or salary of an employee as the result of a court order. Wage garnishment is a legal action that can be taken against you if there is a judgment in your name. If your wages are being garnished because of unpaid debts or are at risk of being garnished, contact a Bedford bankruptcy and get help filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide you with a solution to stop wage garnishment while working out a repayment plan. After filing for bankruptcy, your creditors are prohibited from taking any further action to collect debts from you, including wage garnishment. Law offices of Al Malone A
Bedford Bankruptcy Lawyer Bedford debt Attorney

Advantages to a Texas Chapter 7 filing:

You receive a complete fresh start. After the bankruptcy is discharged the only debts you owe will be for secured assets on which you choose to sign a “Reaffirmation Agreement.”
You have immediate protection against creditor’s collection efforts and wage garnishment on the date of filing. Wages you earn and property you acquire (except for inheritances) after the bankruptcy filing date are yours, not the creditors or bankruptcy court. There is no minimum amount of debt required. Your case is often over and completely discharged in about 3-6 months.

Disadvantages to a Texas Chapter 7 filing:

You lose your non-exempt property which is sold by the trustee. If you want to keep a secured asset, such as a car or home, and it is not completely covered by your Texas bankruptcy exemptions then Chapter 7 is not an option. If facing foreclosure on your home, the automatic stay created by your Chapter 7 filing only serves as a temporary defense against foreclosure.
Co-signors of a loan can be stuck with your debt unless they also file for bankruptcy protection.
If you filed a prior case and received a discharge of your debts, you can only file a second Chapter 7 bankruptcy case eight years after you filed the first case.

Advantages to a Texas Chapter 13 payment plan:

If you choose and you can afford the payment plan, you can keep all your property, exempt and non-exempt. While debts are not canceled as in a Chapter 7 discharge they can be reduced under a Chapter 13 payment plan.  You have immediate protection against creditor’s collection efforts and wage garnishment. More debts are considered to be dis-chargeable (including debt you incurred on the basis of fraud and credit card charges for luxury items immediately prior to filing).
If the Chapter 13 plan provides for full payment, any co-signers are immune from the creditor’s efforts.
You have protection against foreclosure on your home by your lender as long as you meet the terms of the plan. You have more time to pay debts that can’t be discharged by either chapter (like taxes or back child support). You can file a Chapter 13 at any time. You can file repeatedly. You can separate your creditors by class where different classes of creditors receive different percentages of payment. This enables you to treat debts where there is a co-debtor involved on a different basis than debts incurred on your own.

Disadvantages to a Texas Chapter 13 payment plan:

You create a payment plan where you use your post bankruptcy income. This ties up your cash over the Chapter 13 plan period. Legal fees are higher since a Chapter 13 filing is more complex. Your plan and therefore your debt will last for 3 to five years. You are involved in the bankruptcy court process for the term of the 3-5 year plan. Stockbrokers, and commodity brokers cannot file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition.

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