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Dedicated fight against foreclosure

With a strong advocate on your side, you may be able to prevent foreclosure and keep your home. At Law Offices of Al Malone, a team of experienced foreclosure attorneys can help you keep your home and gain relief from unmanageable debts.

Thorough defense against repossession

With a Chapter 13, you receive a three- to five-year payment plan. Many of your unsecured debts can be reduced or discharged. The extra cash flow makes it easier to cover mortgage payment and other debts. Our firm also negotiates loan modifications that can reduce the outstanding mortgage amount. At times, it can make sense to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and forego a home and mortgage. We’ll examine your situation carefully, and give you the information you need to make critical decisions about your home and future. We’ll then aggressively represent you, seeking the best possible outcome.

FREE initial consultations

Contact us for a FREE initial case evaluation with a foreclosure attorney. In Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, turn to Law Offices of Al Malone for vigorous legal action that will protect your home.

As a debt-relief agency, we proudly help all sorts of people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.